Florida Farm


Chuck's Florida Family Farm

Chuck's Florida Farm is located about 10 miles East of Bushnell, Florida near the town of Center Hill. It is about a one hour drive north of Tampa. The picturesque 52 acres were purchased in 2013.

florida farm 1test

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Vegetables & fruits are grown organically, and each growing season the plots are being rotated and steadily increased in size. We are currently growing kale, zucchini, & cucumbers among other vegetables. In fact, there are over 12 types of seeds in the ground at any one time.

We raise chickens (five different breeds) laying all natural eggs. The chickens are given only certified organic feed and let out to roam on organic pasture. We also have quail and are presently selling their eggs and pickling them too.

We are beginning to raise Black Angus cattle, and now have alpacas who were recently sheared for their hair fiber. We soon hope to have spinning demonstrations of the fiber inside our stores. We also have donkeys to patrol the pastures.

Look for our vegetables and eggs for sale in Chuck's two store locations!

chickens and quail

Black Angus, cucumber, alpacas

donkys, windmill challenge

If you ever come out to the farm, ask to take the Windmill Challenge,
where you can climb to the top of the 33 foot windmill for a great view of the farm.

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