Who is Chuck


Chuck Homuth is a Florida Licensed Nutritional Counselor with over 30 years experience in the retail health food business. He opened his first store in Temple Terrace FL in 1992, then expanded the store and opened a 2nd in Brandon in 1998.

Before moving to Florida, Chuck grew up on a small family farm in Southern Minnesota. It is a Minnesota Century farm having been in the family since purchased by Chuck’s Great Grandfather for $20 an acre in 1892. (This is the 125th year anniversary of his families' farm.) It is there that he developed roots in the importance of the land and how it is treated. He is presently in charge of the operations of that farm, having it certified organic for the first time in 2016 and growing organic Black Beans. This year (2018), we will be planting another variety of organic beans.

Chuck also owns a farm about one hour north of Tampa at Center Hill, Florida and is presently furnishing the stores with organically grown Chicken & Quail eggs as well as organically grown  Kale, Zucchini, & Cucumbers among other vegetables.  He also has donkeys, black angus cows, and alpacas on the farm, and is planning on having live spinning demonstrations of the alpaca fiber in the stores. If you ever come out to the farm, ask to take the windmill challenge, where you can climb to the top of the 33 foot windmill for a great view of the farm. He emphasizes the message in the stores that we need to take care of the environment and it all starts with being good stewards of the land.

It has been a pleasure serving the Temple Terrace and Brandon communities for all these years!

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