The Specifics

Owner Chuck Homuth was healthy before it was cool. Now with two large (7,000 square foot) healthy grocery locations in Brandon and Temple Terrace, the junk food enemy has made his mark. The stores feature 100 percent organic fruits and vegetables, bulk and frozen food, extensive mineral and vitamin supplements and of course, Cafe Organic, a popular health food cafe. Here, patrons will find fresh fruit and veggie juices to water the palate along with natural chips and large sandwich plates steaming with vitamins for a mere $4.99.

The Specifics

One of the truly different aspects to Chuck's is an extensive, all-natural pet care section, including natural beauty and glamour products for pets and their owners. But surely everyone will enjoy the beer and wine products that don't skimp on the alcohol, but are made from 100 percent organic products for an all-natural high.


Good Gluten Free Choices

Good Gluten Free Choices. Nice selection of gluten free mixes and items. Would like to see more variety of gluten free pizza rather than just cheese. It is nice to have such a place close to Sun City Center.


I like it. I go here quite often

I like it. I go here quite often, and I've never had problems with obtaining informed help for a variety of issues I have and my son who has attention deficit disorder. I don't think it's a good idea to go on super tuesday, this busiest day of the month, and try to get one-on-one service. The prices are high, like any other organic store, and being a smaller store, there isn't as much there as whole foods, but there is not a whole foods store in brandon, so what are you going to do?

When I've asked for help with specific health problems, they have suggested products that have really helped and aren't the highest priced items they have, that is they aren't just trying to sell me stuff to make a profit, they are really helping me, and I keep coming back. It's very unfair to say they don't help, I've been going there for 3 years, and I've never had problems. There is also a good selection of health and beauty products - I buy my soap there and also progesterone cream. Do I wish the store was larger? Sure, but I've never had a problem finding what I need, the staff has always been knowledgable and friendly to us.


Great service & store.

Great service & store. I visited this store for the first time last week. I had the exact opposite experience as Deester2004. The man behind the counter was 100% customer service oriented. I told him that I was looking for specific items for my baby that I read about in the book Super Baby Foods. He walked throughout the entire store with me helping me find the exact items I needed. He asked questions about my infants age & catered the products to her age group. I am a Registered Dietitian & have high expectations for quality health food. Chuck's definitely lived up to my expectations 100%


Fighter, Health Freak, Awesome, Hard working, Dedicated Have fun at all times,

Such a fun place to be in especially for a health freak and aspiring fighter like myself :) i had fun just looking at products and was very surprised at the selection and knowledge of the employee's i came today and stayed in 10 minutes after my mom told me too leave but i cant help it!! the selection is a amazing just to look at and it is fun too learn about health Oh yea i bought and tried Kombucha today awesome place


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